What Sand Should I Use for My Leopard Gecko?

You can keep any kind of animal as a pet at your home. If you know how to nourish them, take care of them, you are entitled to keep any pet animal you want to. A leopard gecko is a reptile that is preferred as a pet in the countries where they are found. This is basically nothing but a common lizard that is generally found around Afghanistan and Asian highlands. They are said to have the longevity of almost 15 years if left in the wild. It is absolutely legal to keep them as your pet and they can be quite entertaining as a poet. If you have a leopard gecko at your home, then it is obvious that you are in need of the best substrate for leopard gecko.

What Sand Should I Use for My Leopard Gecko?

How are Leopard Geckos As A Pet?


A leopard gecko as a pet can be extremely and they do tend to have a very placid nature of their own. This friendly pet can be played around with by all the members of your family, even your kids. They are not even much aggressive creatures. However, you need to be very careful in handling this pet leopard gecko. You must treat this pet of yours with ultimate care and provide it with all the best things that it could really make use of. All of these necessary items should definitely be the best. So, when it comes to choosing the best substrate for leopard gecko, there can be quite a few options that you can consider.

What are the best substrates for your pet gecko?

It is true that it can be quite confusing to choose the best substrate. This is important when you are thinking about setting up a comfortable tank for your pet leopard gecko. The sand or substrate does not only need to be safe but equally the best considering the size as well as the age of your pet leopard gecko. Some of the best substrate for leopard gecko that you can use in your gecko tank are:


What Sand Should I Use for My Leopard Gecko?

– Some of the gecko pet owners find sand to be very unsafe. This is mainly where the entire confusion begins. It is true that sand sometimes does have the risks of an impaction as well as ingestion. It is highly recommended that sand is not used for leopard geckos which are comparatively juvenile. However, with sand, it can be quite easy to scoop out the waste of your juvenile pet leopard geckos.

This is not the case with the adult geckos. They generally do not ingest this sand. The sand that you choose for your adult pet geckos must be absolutely fine-grained. The safest sand that you can use for your gecko is the one that is calcium-based. This is mainly because this sand is easily digestible. This can even eliminate the chances of your pet gecko’s ingestion. Your pet gecko would be able to bury themselves in the sand and have a fun time.

Paper Towels

– It is by far the best substrate to use for your pet leopard gecko. These can be definitely be used for your geckos who are juvenile, unlike sand. However, these can equally be best for adult ones. They would not cause any sort of inhalation or ingestion. Paper towels can also extremely absorbent as well as hygienic. You can even easily clean paper towels, preventing the geckos from being attacked with any sort of illness. It can easily monitor the bowel movement of your pet as well. The only thing that can go against your pet gecko is that your leopard gecko might not find this environment similar to their natural environment as they can find it with the sand substrate.


– Paper or paper sheets are the simplest form of substrate. They are also quite safe and you can easily clean the waste made by your pet leopard gecko in its cage. The paper sheets are also quite inexpensive and you can replace them very easily. Moreover, you get to use two kinds of these paper sheets- one is the unprinted newsprint and the other is the butcher paper. You can also use the shredded paper in the tank of your pet leopard gecko. These beddings are very safe to use and your leopard gecko can easily bury itself in the bedding. The bedding is also usually very soft and there is no trouble if they eat it by any chance.


– You can use a carpet both for indoor as well as outdoor purposes. You can also clean them very easily but might cause slight ingestion to your pet leopard gecko. These carpets can be very rough for the skin of the leopard gecko.

Slate Rocks

What Sand Should I Use for My Leopard Gecko?

– The leopard gecko owners can use slate rocks along with sand, which can be used for filling up the gaps between so many rocks. You can avail of relatively smoother and flatter slate rocks that can create such an environment for your pet gecko. There is no chance for your pet leopard gecko to ingest this substrate.

There are also certain substrates that you do need to avoid using for your gecko. Some of those substrates that you definitely should not use are the wood shavings, wood chips, gravel, walnut shells, and corn cob. These can come up with a lot of risk factors with these. These are not the best recommendations to be used for trying to give your pet leopard gecko a perfectly built environment. So, strictly keep them away from your pet gecko.

You can house your pet leopard gecko and give them the perfect setting that can good for their long healthy life. You need to take care of a lot of factors when the substrates for your pet gecko is concerned, you can definitely use any of the above-mentioned substrates. If you are looking forward to giving your gecko the ultimate comfort as well as a fun playtime, then these substrates can be totally perfect.