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thank you

Thank you


I’m new to this site, and I just wanted to shout out a big thank you to any and all who set up and maintain this site.  Thanks a million for taking the time and making the effort.  I’ve been enjoying the park with my dog, Frida, for a while now.  Though we have the off-leash permit for other parks in Minneapolis, Frida and I love the grass at the airport park (vs. wood chips), and I like that its quite large, but more manageable than the Minnehaha river dog park, so we come here more often than we go to the other parks. Our other favorite off-leash park is Alimagnet in Burnsville, but it’s much further for us to get to, so that’s a “special treat” park for Frida.

A week or so ago I had hung a large bag full of empty plastic “poop” bags for owners to use who might have forgotten to bring their own, and last time I was at the park, I discovered that folks had been placing their full bags of poop in the bag that I had hung up!  Helloooo!  I’m not sure that all of the park users may understand that there is no one regularly picking the poop up.  I thought I might laminate a couple of signs and hang up on the fence.  I noticed that there’s a trash bin on the southwestern corner of the neighborhood park on 28th Ave, just on the other side of Hwy 62, so you only have to carry it a couple of blocks.  I usually tuck it under my windshield wiper, or slam it so it’s hanging out the door of my hatchback (trunk), so it stays outside of the car for the block or two I have to go to get to the trash bin.

I don’t find it difficult to “pack out” Frida’s poop, but some folks evidently do (though I think a lot of people may just forget to grab it when they leave).  So, I wondered if anyone has ever looked into the cost of a trash pick-up service for the park?  Maybe it would be too pricey, but if it was reasonable for a weekly pick up, perhaps we could get a little association set up and open a checking account that folks who use the park could contribute a little bit of $ to support trash removal.  Just an idea, but I would be willing to take on some of the work (treasurer or whatever would be needed) to make it happen if anyone else thinks it’s a good idea that might work…and possible (has anyone explored this idea yet?).  Is anyone else out there thinking along these lines at all?

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