Thank you Devon for the great website

Thank you Devon for the great website

Thank you Devon for the great website

Hi everyone, I’m Brian, new to this website, and returning to MAC’s property with my new dog Jessie & my neighbor’s dog Tootsie.    I used to walk to my Weimaraners, Buddy & Misty, here until late 2005 and even as geriatric dogs coming here was their favorite time of the day (I really miss them).   My main reason for writing is to introduce myself as an advocate for the area, give some observations, and try to help maintain a good relationship with MAC.  First, a big THANK YOU to DEVON & CHAZ for establishing a place to communicate with fellow dog walkers, MAC, and others that are concerned about this great place we call the Airport Dog Park.    I am not sure how long you have been coming to the area so I will briefly explain my history and experiences.   I go back to when you could still travel the road from 28th Avenue to 66th Street,  no fences separating the parking areas, wild marijuana grew +10’ tall, and the kids blazed the trails with mini bikes.  Some things have changed some have not.  Sorry if this is all old news.  

1.            Poop management – This has always been a real challenge and will be with the increased popularity of this area.   I noticed that MAC made a recent post regarding the poop on the fence and road.   I cleaned up both side of the fence and road last Thursday and noticed that more poop was already hanging on fence.   I know that people use this instead of carrying and normally pick it up on the way out but some gets left behind.  This looks bad either way.  This problem may never change but maybe we could establish a team that attempts to educate people regarding MAC concerns.   Maybe even daily sweeps of the area and roadway for poop, broken toys, other garbage (broken toys, chairs, water jugs), and miscellaneous stuff on the fence (lost/found & postings/notices).   You probably know that attempts at group poop collection have not worked very well even with the best of intentions.  With the high volume of dogs these quickly become overflowing unsanitary bio-hazards.    Each person needs to be responsible for removal.

2.            Holes – Over the years MAC has brought in heavy equipment, dirt and trees to attempt to deal with the erosion and sink holes.   Some are caused by the dogs but this area was filled in over a swamp and is still settling.  Maybe you have noticed there is new erosion on the hill and lower areas.   I would love to see holes filled.  We need to be careful with our actions on MAC’s private property.   Maybe MAC will be back soon for normal fill maintenance.

3.            Dog Fights – I have never had any problem but I know they exist.  I heard that my friend’s dog, Theo had a bad encounter but is OK.  My dogs seem very excited, especially when first arriving, so I use the less popular gates (4 gates total and non-fenced roadway entrance) this helps reduce their excitement level and maybe get pooping out of the way.  I pay very close attention to my dogs and what they are doing.  I avoid standing to long near the most popular south entrances on top of the hill which seems to create the troublesome activities.  I have found that 2 dogs can usually play well together and when there are three or more there can be problems.  Dog safety is the owner’s responsibility and to me this is their time (pay attention to them).  There are dogs of all ages, shapes, and sizes and they can usually find a good playmate and be safe.  Remember there is a lot of area so please spread out and keep the dogs in smaller groups.  You and your dog may be asking for trouble and may get hurt if you stay in large groups.

MAC has been very gracious to let us use their private property and I would like to show my gratitude by making an effort to keep the area problem free and looking its best.  Please accept me as part of the Airportdogpark group and someone to count on for help.  We are currently walking daily around 4:00 to 6:00 pm and look forward to meeting you and the others.

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