Points of Reference

When we talk with our friends about the dog park (we’re almost always referring to the Airport Dog Park), we refer as follows:

the Other South Gate: The most easterly gate on the south fence of the MAC parking lot.

the South Gate: The gate off the MAC parking lot that’s a little further west and north. There used to be a garbage can here. Commonly called the Main Gate.

the Greeting/Gathering Hill: The highest hill just south of the Other South Gate. Lots of greeting & gathering! We’ve noticed, this is kind of a rough play area…

the Watering Spot: The southern end of The Grove. A bit south and west of the South Gate. Usually there’s water bowls and jugs of water here. It seems this is where MAC allows the water bowls and jugs to stay after mowing.

The Grove: The neatly planted pines and deciduous trees at the west end of the MAC parking lot. Between the North and South gates.

the North Gate: This is near the NW corner of the MAC parking lot. There used to be a garbage can here, too. Nice open area to spread out after entering, less crowded.

The Single Tree: The one deciduous tree, just west of the North Gate. There sometimes are bowls and water here. They seem to disappear though. That’s what makes us think MAC is (re)moving ‘em.

“Up The Hill”: The long open area next to the west fence of the FAA parking lot. Between the North Gate and the New North Gate.

the New North Gate: After “someone” extended the most northerly fence (by the end of 59 1/2 St.) they put in a new gate. Initially it had a padlock on, but seems to have been removed. Emergency use only, we’d guess.

Bunny Hollow: The little hill and copse of trees at the north end. Some junk steel there, so be aware.

Entrance to No Go Woods: We use to go up into the woods south of Hwy. 62 past the Satellite Dish. But. like I said, “someone” extended the northern fence line. One can still go around…

No Go Swamp: The western border of the park. The name kind of says it all.

the Squirrel Woods: The largest wooded area of the park, near the north end. Nice trail going through – complete with lawn chairs!

The Runway: The big open area between south of No Go Swamp and the Runway fence.

Hope you found these informative and/or entertaining! What are some of your points of reference?