Just a note to update our dog park pals…

My little guy Pippin underwent emergency surgery three days ago to repair a diaphragmatic hernia. I’m not sure how the injury happened–possibly a couple weeks ago at the dog park when he collided hard with Chaz.

This week, though, Pippin got super stressed out during a toenail clipping and grooming, and later started to vomit, became extremely lethargic and was in obvious great pain. I took him to the U of M in the middle of the night. Apparently all the air he gulped during his stressful reaction to the grooming caused his stomach and part of his spleen to pass through a tear in his diaphragm and into his chest cavity.

The damage was repaired and his prognosis is good. He still has a gastric tube through his side in case they need to empty his stomach. He will have that removed in 10-14 days. He’s groggy most of the time due to pain meds, but that’s good, because he needs to avoid any activity that might compromise the repair to the diaphragm.

PippinAnyway, we’re looking forward to having him back to normal and chasing balls at the dog park again. But I’ll probably throw two balls from now on so Chaz and Pippin don’t crash into each other any more going after the same ball.

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