Info for New Visitors

Things new visitors should know about this park.

  • It’s not run by any park board, so you don’t need an off-leash permit. It’s nice that we all save a few bucks, but the down side is that there’s no oversight or services. The pets your dog is playing with may or may not be up to date on their shots, so be forewarned.
  • Every owner is expected to pick up his/her dog’s droppings. Bring your own poop bags.
  • As of this writing, there is no garbage pickup service and thus, no garbage cans. You must take your poop with you when you leave the park and dispose of it elsewhere.
  • Bring water for your dog. There’s no running water at the park. In warmer seasons there is often a community bowl near the main gate. Feel free to bring a jug of water for everybody. Or if you prefer, you can bring enough water just for your own dog.
  • Please remove prong collars before entering the park. They’re dangerous to your dog and others during rough-and-tumble play.
  • The park is not entirely fenced in. This may not be the best park for dogs that bolt, especially if they’re not reliable on the recall.
  • The airport is a high-security area, and they’re serious about the no trespassing signs. If your dog should somehow get on the wrong side of the runway fence (the tall fence with barbed wire on top), call 911 immediately.
  • If you venture too far into the marsh, the next face you see may be a cop’s. Just sayin’.
  • For most of the year, the grounds stay dry enough that those of us with retrievers can enjoy a romp at the park without having to bathe them afterwards. However, in the spring there may be soupy areas at the edge of the marsh, and anytime after heavy rains there may be puddling in various spots. If you want to know what you’re up against before you come, see the posts in the the Daily Park Conditions category. (And feel free to leave a comment for others on the ground conditions as you find them.)
  • To see which areas of the park are unfenced, have a look at this annotated photo in our Flickr pool:

The Airport Dog Park